Who We Are

EDACOM Owners Association Management is a highly-qualified Owners Affairs and Community Management partner, with nearly a decade of experience managing high-end, large-scale, and in-demand properties—helping foster communities where property value rises, living standards are maintained and improved, and resident happiness is increased.

We do this by maximizing efficiencies in Community Management services and Owners Affairs Management functions, integrated communities facilities management practices , and seamless two-way communication across communities to achieve a living experience unlike any other.

To ensure utmost safety and customer confidence, all EDACOM activities, financial accounts, and Mollak Services are audited by RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai).

All EDACOM technical, financial, and community facilities-related functions and activities are carried out in compliance with the Dubai Jointly Owned Property Law (No. 27 of year 2007) which is the foundation of the regulated and transparent regime concerning the management of strata developments and ownership of Units in Dubai.

What do we do?

We provide Owners Affairs Management Services and Community Management services for residential, commercial, and mixed-use communities.
Owners Affairs Management
Community Management
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Our Philosophy

We believe in the combined power of diligence, the relentless pursuit of innovative efficiencies, and maximizing the value offered to our clients. Over our years of serving our community and clients, we have worked into the DNA of EDACOM the values of trust, striving towards success, and the principle of strikethrough success: the certainty that our clients’ success is our own. We find constant inspiration in the spirit of the city within which EDACOM was born, the dauntless, nothing-is-impossible spirit of the city of Dubai, and the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates—these values remain as essential to our philosophy today as the day that EDACOM started.

Our Mission

Delivering maximum value for our clients by achieving operational excellence in Specialist Strata/Community Management, Owners Affairs Management, and Community Facilities Management.

To provide customer-centric Owners Affairs Management services and solutions that guide owners through every step of:

  1. Understanding the legalities of jointly owned properties;
  2. Set-up of Owners Committees;
  3. Ongoing management of new and established Owners Committees and Owners Affairs.

How we achieve it

  1. Effective utilization of expertise
  2. Adoption of industry best practices
  3. Accountability and feedback
  4. Efficiency of systems
  5. Cost efficiency

We are tireless about providing clients with:

  1. A safe, comfortable living experience for occupants;
  2. Operational efficiencies that maximize financial allocation of service levies;
  3. Sustainable community practices;
  4. A positive return on equity and investment

Management Team

EDACOM Owners Association Management owes its continued success to a stellar team of dedicated individuals helmed by our General Manager, Abdullah Al-Rustumani, whose vision and leadership has taken EDACOM to consistently new heights.

“It is the vision of the wise leadership of the United Arab Emirates that guides our steadfast march towards operational excellence at EDACOM.”

Executive Biography 

Abdulla Al Rustumani is the General Manager of EDACOM OAM at Union Properties P.J.S.C.
Serving in his role since 2017, Mr. Al Rustumani is responsible for overseeing Community Management of MotorCity and Uptown Mirdif, as well as the overall growth of the company. He has also served as a Board of Director at Union Properties P.J.S.C. and is currently serving as the Acting General Manager of Union Properties P.J.S.C. in addition to his role as the GM of EDACOM.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr. Al Rustumani held several senior positions in leading companies in the UAE, including Etisalat.

He holds a Higher Diploma in Finance from Dubai Men’s College.

Who are we