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Full Service Owners Affairs Management

  • Regular, in-depth on-site inspections
  • Appointment and supervision of facility managers, contractors, surveyors, engineers, maintenance providers, and on-site staff
  • Identification of present issues to ensure the smooth running and preservation of the development, as well as the early identification of future issues
  • Proposal of initiatives to preserve and effectively manage assets

Financial Management

  • Raising and collection of service charges.
  • Managing client monies in accordance with legislation, including maintaining a reserve fund where required.
  • Effective credit control and debt recovery.
  • Preparation of yearly accounts and user-friendly itemized invoices.
  • Service charge modeling, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Transparent account-keeping for all service charge collection and dispensation including receipts, direct payments, cash reconciliation, disbursements, and expense reports.
  • Transparent Escrow accounting.

Vendor Management

  • Managing the process of receiving quotes, negotiations and ensure the Owners Committee properly votes on the selection and Contract assignment to the vendor (excluding at all times any matters relating to the appointment of any Management Company which is handled by the independent third party)
  • Following the relevant resolution by the Owners Committee, ensure the appointment of the vendor’s provided by the Owner’s Committee, control and monitor the service contractors
  • Supervise the operation, maintenance, repair and renewal of vendors for the Common Areas (Common Area Management).

Handover Services

  • Facilitating detailed third-party inspection of the common areas as required by law or the Owners Committee
  • Ensure developers handover of complete documentation and drawings as required by law
  • Follow up with the developer to clear snagging items, identified in the third-party inspection report
  • Overall management of the handover, property transfer process and registration of the Owners Committee as required by RERA and the current regulations

Administrative Management

  • 24/7 Customer Happiness Call Center
  • Computerized management system for back-office and middle-office functions.
  • Coverage of all relevant insurance requirements including valuations and claims handling.
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