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EDACOM Owners Association Management specializes in maximizing efficiencies in Community Management services and Owners Affairs Management functions, with integrated community facilities management practices to achieve a living experience that is comfortable, safe, and happy, in communities that are well-maintained and expertly run.


An acronym for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering—this discipline concerns itself with making interiors that suits human needs. We at EDACOM understand that this, and our appointed service provider’s MEP engineers are as skilled as they are dedicated, providing the communities managed under EDACOM with human-centric services.

Cleaning and Sanitation

It’s often said that: “cleanliness is next to godliness”—and nowhere is this truer than within the context of community facilities management. When it comes to EDACOM-managed communities, our appointed service provider’s cleaning crews are ever-present and diligent, constantly providing our residents with this most essential service.

Security Guard Services

EDACOM’s appointed service provider’s Security Guard Services can be summed in a few words: risk mitigation, proactive security presence, cutting-edge technology and effective response. The Security Guard Services are an integral part of our effort to foster the sense of safety and community within which our residents can thrive.

Elevator Maintenance

With tailored maintenance plans and professional service from skilled technicians, EDACOM’s appointed service providersElevator Maintenance solutions are conducted in a timely manner, to make sure elevators are well-maintained at all times, upholding resident safety.

Access Control Systems

As essential aspect of fostering safety is creating systems that effectively authorize (or un-authorize, as needed) the consuming, entering, or using of public and private spaces within EDACOM-managed communities, including but not limited resident-only passes and parking-area access.

Exit, Emergency Lights, and Central Battery Systems

In the unlikely event of electricity cutting out, these are the services that are put in place to ensure a smooth transition until services are restored. Exit, Emergency Lights, and Central Battery Systems will ensure that whatever the circumstances are, EDACOM-managed communities can enjoy baseline emergency services until comprehensive services are restored.

Fire Alarm Systems

EDACOM in collaboration with appointed specialist service providers -installed Fire Alarm Systems containing a number of devices working together to detect and warn residents within EDACOM-managed communities through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.

Firefighting Systems

EDACOM in collaboration with appointed specialist service providers provides firefighting safety systems that work in harmony with Fire Alarm Systems, including: sprinklers, fire extinguishers and fire doors. EDACOM gets these solutions tailored to different residential, commercial, and mixed-use applications, as needed.

Waste Management Services

From waste collection to transportation to disposal and even recycling, EDACOM’s appointed Waste Management Service Providers make sure EDACOM-managed communities enjoy sanitation and around-the-clock waste management.

Pest Control Services

Our appointed service providers provide fast and effective pest control services, which are part and parcel of the regular upkeep of EDACOM-managed communities.

CCTV Systems

With resident safety and owner integrity being our highest priority, EDACOM-managed CCTV Systems provide security 24/7, with state-of-the-art surveillance solutions for the ultimate in digital security.

STP Systems

EDACOM in collaboration with its specialist service providers provides Electrolytic Sewage Treatment solutions; these work by removing contaminants from water by destabilizing and electro-coagulating the suspended organic and inorganic solids in sewage waste, making for a noiseless, clean and sustainable solution that significantly decreases pathogenic bacterial count.

BMS Systems

Building Management System use computer-based control systems to control and monitor the building's ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems, as well as other mechanical and electrical equipment.

Traffic Signal Maintenance

In collaboration with our appointed service providers we provide a routine traffic lights maintenance service and on-call emergency repair services. Our service provider’s expert team understands the need for a fast repair service and aim to repair your traffic lights as quickly as possible, while still providing you with a high quality service.

Waste Disposal Chute Maintenance

Just as important as waste management services is the maintenance of waste disposal chutes (the points where individual residents dispose of waste), which are the main point-of-contact between residents and the waste management system as a whole.

Gymnasium Maintenance

EDACOM-managed communities pride themselves on facilities that are second to none. EDACOM’s appointed service provider’s Gymnasium Maintenance Services are a reliable way to minimize the number of equipment breakdowns, maximizing the longevity and condition of equipment, and making sure gyms are maintained to the adequate standards expected by residents.

Generator Maintenance

It is extremely important that emergency standby generators be maintained in order to preserve the manufacturer’s warranty—and perhaps more importantly, ensure they are dependable and ready when needed.

Landscaping Services

EDACOM’s appointed specialist service providers Landscaping Services include a wide range of offerings, from landscape design, maintenance, to tree care and hardscape services.

Lake Maintenance

EDACOM’s appointed specialist service providers Lake Maintenance Services ensure that lakes within our managed communities remain as intended: beautiful, well-maintained fixtures that sit at the heart of our clients’ properties. Our service providers provide a wide range of water quality management services to preserve lakes and ponds, using state-of-the-art machinery and top professional expertise.

Chilled Water Secondary Line Maintenance

With EDACOM’s appointed specialist service provider’s Chilled Water Secondary Line Maintenance, regular maintenance practices are employed to ensure chiller temperature, pressure, fluid levels, and flow rates remain consistently reliable and within operating parameters.

Third Party Water Test

Water Testing Services ensure that your water supply, and the one your residents enjoy, is safe, reliable, and up to health and safety regulations—ensuring both resident safety and owner integrity.
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