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Edacom delivers effective Owners’ Association Management services for two Union Properties projects and communities: Motor City and Uptown Mirdif.

This responsibility covers approximately 4,000 unites in Motor City, and 800 in Uptown Mirdif. Altogether, our services reach some 20,000 residents, across 4800 units and 100 buildings.

We have two main aims:
• To ensure that all residents can enjoy being part of a safe, happy, well-maintained and well-run community.
• To provide and manage all the services and facilities necessary for this, in ways that are efficient and that represent excellent value for money on the service charge that owners pay.

Edacom activities and financial accounts are audited by RERA. In the past we have launched several initiatives and measures to forge closer links with owners, and to provide information that’s transparent, comprehensive and easy to access. These include our Owners’ Portal, and a commitment to hold quarterly meetings to share information and exchange ideas.

Edacom plans many more initiatives in the future to become the market leader for Owners’ Association Management.


What we do


  • •    Regular on site inspections.
  • •     Appointment and supervision of facility managers, contractors, surveyors, engineers, maintenance providers and on-site staff.
  • •     Identification of present and future issues to ensure the smooth running and preservation of the development.
  • •     Propose initiatives to preserve assets and effectively manage the assets.


  • •    Raising and collection of service charges.
  • •    Managing Client monies in accordance with legislation, including maintaining a reserve fund where required.
  • •    Effective credit control and debt recovery.
  • •    Preparation of yearly accounts and “user friendly” itemized invoices.
  • •    Service charge modeling, budgeting and forecasting.
  • •    Transparent account keeping for all service charge collection and dispensation including receipts, direct payments, cash reconciliation, disbursements and expense reports.
  • •    Clear and transparent Escrow accounting. Identifying and analyzing cost saving initiatives.

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